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The valleys west of Turin are rich in historical testimony. On the border with France, they have been marked by the passage of countless migrations, battles and by real cultural flourishing since the most distant ages. Vestiges of Celtic peoples, ruins of the Roman era, medieval monuments, eighteenth-century castles and signs of the wars of XX century are clearly visible, especially when cycling along the network of secondary roads or military roads.

Example of itinerary: Sacra di San Michele (symbol of the Piedmont Region) and Castello di Rivoli.

Distance: 57 km - Climb: 1,100m

* For those who love more relaxed rides it is possible to divide the excursion into 2 days.

This cycling or sport roadcycling route, completely on asphalt, in addition to the pleasure of pedaling slowly, enjoying the landscape, offers some pearls, such as the Castello di Rivoli, overlooking the city of Turin, the Abbey of Sant'Antonio di Ranverso, Avigliana and above all the majestic Sacra di San Michele, built starting from the year 1000 AD on the summit of Monte Pirchiriano, at the entrance of the Val Susa. Describing in words the majestic view of the Alps and the plains on clear days, or the magical atmosphere of the Sacra di San Michele is truly more challenging than the climb to reach it. The itinerary, which takes up the whole day,  or can be split in 2 days, also includes lunch at a farmhouse.

The itinerary can be done with guide and assistance.  


Main features: History and Culture - Nature - Views - Food and wine tastings

Type of bicycle: e-bike - Gravel - Road


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